cari housemate, housemate jakartaBeing a college student is an everyday struggle. You need to study, join organization, hang out and also set living cost effectively. In certain university, there are so many college student who come from out of town. This kind of students will really need living cost management tutorial. Serumah team has successfully meet with Veronica, a college student in one of outstanding university in Bogor. Let’s meet her and see what she’s doing to manage her living cost.


  1. Hi, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Veronica, 21 years old. I am a college student. I live in a house rent and share with five housemates.

  1. How long you have been renting your house and where is it?

I have been renting a house in Bogor for 6 months. We actually rent this house for a year.

  1. Could you describe your house rent?

We live in a very nice neighborhood. There’s security in every corner. The house has semi furnished. There are TV, three wardrobes, kitchen and three bunk beds. The house is very nice, it has a small yard where you can have picnic. It also has an open carport.

  1. How do you end up housesharing together?

My previous room rent’s price raised so high. It costed almost doubled than before. Then I found the ads about this house. If it is shared for three people, I still can’t afford it. But it has 3 bunk beds in three rooms. So I initiated to rent this house for 6 people. I have two friends who already want to move from our previous boarding house. I asked my friend in my faculty and she agreed. My friend Sisi, got two candidate housemate from her faculty. Then we finally end up sharing the house together.

  1. What’s so fun about having housemates?

You can cooking together, watching TV and laughing the talkshow together. I also do my thesis with them. So everynight, we were sitting on the living room and do our final thesis. But all in all, we got best price for rent expense.

  1. Any downside?

We often fight over the bathroom. There are 6 person who go to campus at the same time but there’s just only one bathroom.

  1. What do you think about housesharing trend in Indonesia nowadays?

Well, it’s quite familiar especially for every college student. I got this idea by watching Coklat Stroberi, an old comedy romance Indonesia movie. As a college student, we have to spend very less for any daily expenses. One of major thing to spending money is on renting room rent/boarding house. So we, college student, need to struggle to find affordable room but with good quality. By housesharing we can spend less on buying daily meal. We can share food by cooking together. If you’re sick, there’ll be a housemate that will help you to take you to clinic or buy a medicine. But you need to find the clicked ones. Once you meet the suitable housemates, you’ll enjoy sharing living space.

  1. Would roomsharing be something that you’d recommend?

No doubt! I’ll recommend to all college students who struggle saving living cost. Moreover, by the existence of Serumah website. It will help a lot people who need to find housemate. No more asking one by one.




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