Living with your parents is really comforting. You don’t need to think about any basic needs since your mother has prepared for you. But it is gonna be different if you live far from your home because of working or studying.

Living in Jakarta because of working or studying is such a common thing for people here. Sometimes you’ll feel so boring staying alone at your room rent. Boring or even lonely when you walk home and found no one to greet and talk to you is such a terrible feeling. You’ll often feel during the weekend. Serumah team has some ideas what things you can do at your room rent during weekend.

  1. Watch K-Drama


For you who addicted from Korean wave,you can spend your weekend watching K-Drama and ordering meals for lunch using ojek online. You don’t need to worry starving while watching episode by episode. There are currently recommended by Serumah team like Reply 1988, Goblin and Age of Youth to accompany your free time at weekend.


  1. Clean up the room


It’s time to redecorate your room. Clean up your room. Sweep the floor. Make up your bed. Put a big warm teddy bear on your bed. Don’t forget to put your favorite stuff like teddy bear, manga or even game console.

  1. Find roommate


Together to be better. Sometimes we need friends to talk unnecessary or unimportant things, stupid conversation. You can start finding roommate. By having roommate will help to brighten up your day. Now, there’s a new website rolling in town, You can register yourself and fill all the required fields and start finding potential roommate. This website’s as easy as online dating website.


  1. Do some exercise


Burn some fat for your productive weekend. You can jog for 30 minutes, yoga or zumba. To save more money, you can do yoga or zumba in your room. Play it on youtube and turn the speaker on.


  1. Cook


If you like to cook or eat meals, you can practice your skill. Shopping groceries at traditional market in the morning and cooking for the lunch or dinner. You can start from your favorite dish. But to cook, you have to make sure your boarding house offers kitchen facility. There are some dishes that’s easy to cook like satay taichan, wagyu rice bowl or stir fried tofu with salted egg.

Those are some ideas you can do for weekend at your room. Create your own comfort living space since according to Wendy Wunder, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”. Let’s share what you’ll do this weekend?



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