Being a college student and live far from home is quite stressful. Moreover you are required staying at dormitory. You’ll often feel homesick. And you’ll be more missing your bed at home. But you realize that you need to reach your dreams. You need to pursue degree. Just because you’re homesick doesn’t mean you ran away from your dorm right now, right?

Serumah team has some ideas to help you creating your comfort zone in your new place. There’s a quote said that “There’s no comfort in growth zone, there’s no growth in comfort zone.” Yes, why don’t we expand the comfort in growth zone. Here are things you can do to expand your comfort zone in your new living space.

1. Be friends with people.

Having so many friends will help you not only broadening your network but also upgrading your skills. You’ll spend a quality time by having so many friends especially participating in some clubs/organization.

2. New adventure.

While you’re live far from home, why don’t you try something new? There was a quote from senior. He said that, “You’re not a college student, if you haven’t tried three things: demonstration (peace demo, this is democracy country huh?), hiking or climbing up mountain and serving the community. Once you’re graduate, you’ll be hard to have those experiences. That’s the privilege being a college student.

3. Redecorate your room.

If you’re typical introvert person that loves tranquility, you should redecorate your room to be look like your in your home. So you’ll not often feel homesick. Here some tips that you should try to redecorate your room rent.

a. Hang your best pictures of some best moments.

b. Create clipboard to post to do list. You can also create a clipboard where you can hang your accecories like necklace and earrings.

c. Collect pennies and put them in a small cute jar. It will help you a lot at the end of month when you’re broke.

d. Bring your favorite stuff like dolls, ipod, novels or even your favorite blanket. Create your room as comfort as you can.

4. Find right roommate.

Having roommate(s) will help you a lot. They will remind you to study when having exam or even waking you up for praying. When you see them studying hard for exam, you’ll be motivated to do so. The best reason having a right roommate is that you both can share anything like food, rent bills or even clean your room. Or, you can rent a house and share it with some housemates. What a nice idea right? You’ll be have more fun. Interested having roommate?

After reading 4 tips above, which tips that you have tried? Comment below 😉



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