roommate sister, sewa kamar berduaLiving far away from home is such a struggle. If you got sick, all your family is hard to take care of you. But what if you struggling in Jakarta with your sibling(s)? Wouldn’t it be nice? You don’t need any adaptation at first. Is it really that nice?

Another story goes to Sasya a young woman who now walk in her career path. Having a family near to you is such a blessing for most of people. But Sasya has another opinion about it. What’s her story? Let’s find out!


  1. Hi, would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Sasya. I’m 27 and work in consultant agency.

  1. How long have you been renting your room and where is it?

Well, I’ve rent my room in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta for about 2 years.

  1. Could you describe your room rent?

The room is large for two. It has a queen size bed and two large wardrobes.

  1. How do you end up roomsharing together?

She’s my younger sister who’s still a college student.

  1. What’s so fun about having roommate?

My sister doesn’t need to spend on living expense. What’s better having a family live with you?

  1. Any downside?

Ugh, she’s such a mess. She never tidy up bed and never do all the chores.

  1. What do you think about roomsharing trend in Indonesia nowadays?

Roomsharing trend? Hmm, it’s one of coping strategy for people who are far from home. Having someone to talk is a nice idea for workers’ life.

  1. Do you think Serumah website would be useful for people in Indonesia?

Definitely. It will help people like me who want to find the right roommate. I can find roommate who’s a neat freak in cleanliness.

  1. Would roomsharing be something that you’d recommend?

Hmm only if you get the right roommate. If not, ugh, it would be a nightmare.




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