big no roommateKeeping good relations with your roommate is important. Yes, because you live in the same room. You share same mattress, share a bathroom and share monthly bill payment. Roommate is like a partner. If you find the right partner and not annoying, surely your life will become more joyful without burden and resentment in the heart. But what if your roommate sucks?

Undeniably, incompatibility can occur between you and your roommate. This could happens because the differences in characters and background that you and your roommate has. It’s not a nice thing if you have to quarrel with your roommate just because you have different opinion.  Well, you have to be careful. Here are 3 types of roommate you should avoid:



What is the definition of ‘celamitan’? To those who are not familiar with the word ‘celamitan’, ‘celamitan is a trait of people who like to ask what others have, usually in the form of goods.

For example, your roommate likes to ask for your food stock, or other consumer goods such as soap, shampoo and other personal belongings. ‘Celamitan’ person always ask for your stuff. For example, when you’re eating eating, he asks for your food. When he goes to the bath he uses your soap, shampoo and even borrows your clothes. The worst thing is when he finishes borrowing but not returning it. It sucks, doesn’t it? This is sure to make you very uncomfortable, and your friendship is tainted by prolonged conscience.

If your roommate is the type of person like the explanation above, it’s good you expressed your feelings. Remember to choose right words to explain to your roommate so that your roommate is not offended.



Another type of roommate you should avoid is the one who has no self awareness. There are many unfounded definitions, but ultimately this trait refers to an unpleasant act that harms one party.

For example, your roommate often bring his girlfriend to spend the night in your room. Another example, your roommate often assumes that whatever is in your room is his. So he wears your things as he pleases. Isn’t he right? You guys are roommates, but everyone have private area that no one should not pass.

So, tips from Serumah team for you who live with this type of roommate, you better move out and look for other roommate. You can also search for more affordable rooms. Instead of being stuck with that typical roommate and having to endure anger every day, it’s better to find friends and other healthier places for your goodness.



Who the hell likes to be lied to? No one. There is not a single person in this world who likes to feel lied to. Arguably, being lied is the most unpleasant feeling especially when your roommate lied to you. Ideally, your roommate is your friend. A friend should not lie to each other. If you have a lying boarder, and you know that he is lying to you, all you have to do is asking the reason why he lies and listen to his explanation.

Well, regardless of how annoying your roommate is, get him to talk before you take an action. You are friends and partner. How you should live in mutual benefit and keep each other’s feeling is the most essential to create a harmonious atmosphere. If you live with a roommate who has three traits mentioned, it is worth considering to move out and get a new roommate.

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