roommate, cari roommate, teman kost, sharing kamarRenting room in Jakarta has a various price range. You can get a room for 800k IDR per month. The facility is really basic. Sometimes you need to share bathroom. You also can get a room 3000k IDR per month. The facility is look like a hotel, you can get free laundry, TV, wifi, aircon or even hot water in bathroom. Mampang Prapatan is one of the strategist place to live if people work in Kuningan, Sudirman or Pejaten area. But having a roommate is a tricky idea if we would like to get a good room rent with affordable price. Serumah team just interviewed with Cahaya who spare room rent with her friend. Let’s meet with her!


  1. Hi, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Cahaya, 24 years old. I work in media investment management. I’ve been work here for 2 years. I’m now renting room rent with my roommate, Ayu.

  1. How long you have been renting your room?

I have been sharing room rent with my roommate for almost 1,5 years. We rent a room in Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

  1. Could you describe your room rent?

My room rent is basically for one person. But the room is quite  large for one person. It has aircon, bathroom and a small kitchen. The landlord allow us to rent together and give extra bed so we don’t need to share bed.

  1. How do you end up sharing a room together?

My roommate is my friend at uni. We were also in the same neighborhood before we rent a room together. The cost was 800k IDR. Then, we found our current room rent which cost 1500k IDR. The facility is pretty much better than the previous room rent so we decided to share a room together.

  1. What’s so fun about having a roommate?

My roommate, Ayu, have a slightly different working hours with me. I usually work from 10 to 7. She works from 7 to5. So she’s the one who wake up first and mostly sleep earliest. But, she always wakes me up every morning to pray and we have small talk before sleeping. We sometimes have breakfast together. At weekend, we often spend time together having window shopping. Having a roommate really improves my social life.

  1. Any downside?

I’m quite messy person and my roommate is the kind of perfectionist one. So I rarely clean our room and bathroom. I know it was pretty hard for her to adapt with my attitude. But day by day, she is able to deal with my habit. I also improve my habit. We clean our room every weekend.

  1. What do you think about roomsharing trend in Jakarta nowadays?

I think roomsharing trend’s very common and happening now. My friend even rented a house and collected the housemate. If at that time, Serumah already exist, she didn’t need to ask person one by one.

  1. Would roomsharing be something that you’d recommend?

I totally recommend people having a roommate! You can save money on rent and also have a better social life.




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