Sharing a room with a stranger? Why not


Have you ever hear about sharing a room
with a stranger in apartment or house?
I do hear about it while I watch some
western and korean drama or film, here in Indonesia I wasn’t expect that
actually exist peoples sharing room with stranger.
Sharing room for me actually an effective
ways to keeping money, especially in the era that we just back home for sleep, like right now. As you guys may read before, now I living my co-assistant life
before becoming a doctor, so most of my life I spent it on the Hospital, and I am actually do sharing a room with my best friend. 

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Few moths ago I found a website named, that provide us to find a roommate for sharing living place such
as house, apartment, or here in indonesia called ‘kost-kost an’ that something like
guest house in western. help us find our roommate with such wide
range place to be chosen from the highest price or lower price. 


1. Searching Roommate 
In this section on the web, will be available peoples that looking for roommate including the sharing price. their picture, and identity. 


2. Searching Room
The room, house, apartment or anything that available all over Indonesia, including the price. Life getting so much easier right? Thanks to


3. Free Advertisement
Have an available room? Why don’t try to advertise it on Because of why not? It’s free anyway!
Looking for room, and roommate now is on one click away, and its because of If you are looking for roommate too just sign in to their web and find yours!
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Reviewed by: Ayu Damayanthi



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