Roomshare interview with Rara and MeldyAs the living costs increased, we have to find a way in order to have lower living expenses in the future. Renting a room might be the most expensive expense that might cost you. Especially in Jakarta, you will rarely find a room that cost lower than IDR 1 million a month. Having a roommate that share the bills and expenses with you might be the best way to cut the living expenses in Jakarta. Serumah team will have a little chit-chat with Rara, the one who chooses to rent a room together with her friend, she will tell us how fun it is to have a roommate. Let’s go talk to her!

Hi, would you please introduce yourself?
Hi! My name is Rara. And I am now living in Jakarta with a classmate when I was studying in uni. We shared a pretty big room in a house in Benhil.

Hi, Rara. It is very pleased to meet you. What do you do? Studying? Or working?
I am working for a private company in Jakarta.

How long you have been living in Jakarta?
I and my roommate have been living together in Jakarta for more than 4 months. It was not a long time, yet.

How do you guys meet and end up share a room together?
My roommate has been living in our room for a year and I just came like 4 months ago. Since my working place is not so far from here, she decided to share a room with me because she was also need a
roommate at the moment. It was a perfect match, she needed a roommate and I needed a room.

Do you know each other before living together?
Yes, we were classmates when we were in university.

What is your idea of sharing room?
Sharing a room is a great thing because there will always be someone to talk to when we got home after work, we also can share many things together as we live together, and the best thing is that we always can have someone to depend on to when we fall sick or when we face difficult times. The last but not least, sharing a room could be a way to cut our living cost especially in Jakarta where price of a room is quite higher than in other cities.

If you guys weren’t friends at the university, would it be hard to find people to share room together? Do you feel comfortable to share a room with a complete stranger?
No, I don’t think so. I am an open-minded person. As long as they are females and nice people, I don’t mind to live with them.

What do you think about a website that provide you a feature that can find a roommate or a housemate?
I am perfectly fine with anyone I’m living with since I am easy to mingle with anyone, so I don’t find it difficult to have someone that I don’t know living in the same room with me. I think it would be helpful for people who wants to share a room.

Have you ever heard about Would you please go to the website and tell your opinion about the website?
Yes. And I think it is very interesting that we can find a room with someone who’s also willing to share a room together. Also, the website provides a very precise information about the room and the roommate.

And finally, would you use in the future to find housemate? Would you recommend it to your friend?
Positive. I will definitely check it out when I need a roommate in the future. And I will also recommend to my friends who wants to share a room with some people.



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