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Good Place to Live

i’ve been live in Depok for over than 20 years and when i play a new role at a new institute. i got new friends from Semarang, Jogjakarta, Padang and Pakan Baru. It’s all over Indonesia’s map, right?
when they learn that i am live in Depok for a long time period, they asked me “do you know where i can find a good place to live while i am in Depok?”

honestly, i can’t always answer that question right. and i bumped in with which is a website that can help you find the right properties to your need.

Bedroom For Rent

you can find roommate to share a rent room or house. you can find your dream properties (rooms, houses or apartments). and if you have the right properties but you still can’t find the right tenant, you can also advertise with

we all know that the majority of users in Indonesia are mobile users. so, make sure that the website is mobile-friendly without requiring users to download an application. you can access the website with you smartphone (and that, my friends, would be the plus point, right?)

the purpose of this site is to help more users out there who looking for rent rooms, especially in Jakarta and surrounding areas, like Depok. the current trend is to find rental rooms use social sites such as Facebook or Kaskus. nevertheless, both are not a special site for the room rent search. really help those who in middle class and down with middle income and low income group. Like students and young executive who are just starting a job in Jakarta and its surrounding cities (like my new friends cases).

but, this will also make new student at new college and new city the easiest way to find the right place to live. and also room mates for four years to come because it will be a new school academic year soon. yay! (am always passionate to see new students. hope will meet them soon in my class. hehe)



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