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Share rent room bills with flatmate

Looking for someone to replace your flatmate is hard, but you got to do what you got to do. At least that’s what Katarina Mellyna, a 26 year old university lecturer, said when I spoke to her. She’s been flatsharing but her flatmate’s about to move out in a month. Here’s all the stories she shared during our chit chat session.

How long have you been sharing an apartment?

For about a year.

Can you describe the type of apartment it is?

It’s a two-bedroom apartment in Kebagusan City, South Jakarta.

How did you decide to live in an apartment?

I wanted to find a place that is easier to commute to and from work. Somewhere more practical. I tried to find a house for rent or even kos-kosan, but couldn’t find one that’s nice enough. When I did find one that I like, it’s too expensive, so I settled for an apartment.

What other factors contribute to your decision of choosing an apartment?

Location and access. When I was scouting for a house for rent or kos-kosan, usually the access is kind of poor. They’re usually harder to reach, and the roads keep getting smaller. Other than that, a house does seem kind of an overkill, because there’s too much space for just me and a housemate. So apartments seem like the right size and the right type of living space.

How did you first found your flatmate?

She’s a long-time friend, we live near each other and where we live, it’s quite far from where we do most of our activities, so we decided to rent a place together. But she’s moving out this month, because her work got relocated closer to home.

So are you going to find a new flatmate?

Of course, but I’m taking my time. I’m going to continue renting on my own for a while until I find another flatmate that is suitable and will get along great with me.

What’s so fun about having a flatmate?

You feel like you always have company, someone to chat with, you can split daily tasks or chores.

Is there a downside?

Well, sometimes it could be about bills, or shopping arrangements. Who’s buying what, who’s turn is it to do the shopping, etc. Also, there’s the cleanliness issue.

What are your thoughts about flatsharing? Would it be something that you’d recommend?

Yes, definitely. As long as you share it with the right people. It is essential to choose the right flatmate. A best friend doesn’t always mean they can be the best flatmate. They could have very different living or everyday habits than yours. The way they’re able to communicate with you is also important. Thankfully, my current flatmate and I have a very similar habit and understanding, therefore we’re able to get along just fine. For example, if I did something she didn’t like, she could just tell me in ways that wouldn’t offend me, which I appreciate.

So what method would you use when you look for your new flatmate? Would you use Serumah.com?

I’d use a bunch of methods, sure. For example, I’d ask around for friends who are looking to share a place. But for an even easier life, I’d use Serumah.com because of the various filters. Just to make sure we’ll have the same preferences. Because it’s important to have things in common when you’re sharing a living space. For example, it’d be great to have the same level of tidiness, or the same attitude



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