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Housesharing with Ari

Housesharing can be very beneficial. I do agree with this idea, and so does Ari, a 28 year old Educational Consultant, who shared with me, his housesharing experience he had a couple of years ago. He’s no longer sharing because his office got relocated closer to home. But he’d definitely do it again, with the help of

How long did you live in a shared house?

For about four years

Could you describe the living space?

The house had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It was located in the Manggarai area, Central Jakarta.

How did you decide to live in that house?

I wanted a place that has an easy access for a car, in a strategic location, in a safe and quiet neighborhood, no flooding. That house was the perfect candidate.

Could you tell us how you were able to find the house?

I found out about it through my cousin, who’s been staying there for a while before I moved in with him.

How did you first found your housemate?

He’s my cousin. I got accepted in the same company as him, and asked around for a place to stay, he offered a spare bedroom in his place and I went for it. I figured he’s family so I trust him, because I know his backgrounds and all.

Oh, fantastic, so your cousin is also your housemate? What’s so fun about having him as a housemate?

He helps me get through a lot of difficult times. I also appreciate the company, you never feel alone in the house. Oh, and of course, being able to share the living cost is also a nice aspect of housesharing.

Are there any downside?

Just the lack of privacy sometimes, and also the different personalities. Nothing too unpredictable, though.

What do you think about the flatsharing/housesharing trend?

The thing about it is, there aren’t a lot of places that can give you a broad range of information about flatsharing/housesharing. Especially about the plus-minus of flatsharing/housesharing. So no wonder people still has a pretty limited knowledge and a closed mindset about this thing, even though in reality, I do see people who needs and are in search of housemates/flatmates and also the places to stay.

After experiencing housesharing, would it be something that you’d recommend?

I would recommend it, absolutely. Especially to those who came from out-of-town, or those who are living far from family. Just to help ease the burden of the living cost that seems to get higher and higher by the minute. But your experience really depends on your housemates. Picking the right one will give you a great experience. There are a lot of benefits you can reap from housesharing. If I could find the right housemate right now, I’d definitely go through the whole housesharing thing again.

Can I hear your thoughts on

One thing’s for sure, I would definitely use It would be really useful, especially the preference filters. You know how hard it is to find people with similar character as yourself. The filters would definitely help eliminate incompatible candidates.



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