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Find roommate in Sudirman Park

A home can mean so much more than just a place you live in. It can also be a hive for creativity. That’s what I learned when I had a chat with 26 year old Graphic Designer, Amalia. Such a fun story she shared about her flatsharing experience. Let’s check it out.

How long have you been flatsharing?

For about two years now.

What type of an apartment is it?

It’s a three-bedroom apartment in Sudirman Park, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10250. We have two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.

What are the factors that made you choose this particular type of home?

Well, location is very important to me, I wanted a place that’s located right in the middle of the city, and close to where I work. Also, the fact that there’s a 24 hour security in this building is what drew me in.

How did you find the apartment?

A friend of mine, a co-worker from my previous office, was already staying at this apartment and eventually asked for someone to share it with her. She first found it, I believe, by word of mouth.

How did you first found your flatmate?

I’m living with two other girls now. Both of my flatmates are my co-workers from my previous office. We were pretty close when we worked together and stayed in touch after we no longer worked there. One of my flatmates was already living in this apartment and apparently, she felt that it’s too big of a space to live on her own. haha. so eventually she decided to share it with two other people.

What’s so fun about having them as flatmates?

Definitely the idea of cutting the living cost in half, or even more. Also, the fun things we can share together, such as cooking a big meal and eating in together. Another benefit is when one of us gets sick or has a problem, there’ll always be someone around to take care of things. Pretty much acts like a substitute for a family. yeah, you feel like you have a family to take care of you. Plus, having these bunch as a company feels really inspiring sometimes, we even got an idea to build a business after we moved in together. We’re currently developing a clothing line together.

What’s the downside?

Probably the only downside is the different personalities. Some like the place tidy and neat, some like making a mess, and all that kind of things. But as long as everything is discussed maturely, surely it won’t be a big problem.

What do you think about the flatsharing trend?

I think here in Indonesia, there’s the issue of individuality and privacy. With flatsharing, your privacy will definitely be compromised and I don’t think a lot of people are ready to accept that. Aside from that, criminality is a big issue as well. We’re too busy thinking about the million possibilities of things that could go wrong when you’re sharing a space with someone you don’t know. But I’m sure in time people will start to open their minds and accept that flatsharing has become a necessity and it does provide loads of benefit.

Now that you’ve experienced flatsharing, would it be something that you’d recommend?

Absolutely, but you have to be really careful in picking a flatmate. You have to make sure their personality won’t clash with yours.

So what are your thoughts on

If I wasn’t flatsharing right now, I would definitely use it. It can be a very useful site. The most important thing I would filter though, would probably be, finding a flatmate with the same level of tidiness and cleanliness as me. To me that’s way more important than finding a smoker/non-smoker or even liberal/conservative minds.



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