flatsharing experiences, flat mate, rent flat together, rent apartment with someoneCrazy, chaotic, fun!; these are the words used by Adhi to describe his flatsharing experience with his three flatmates. Apparently flatsharing has given Adhi, who works as a  Public Relation, unique everyday moments in his life. Let’s check out his story!

How long have you been flatsharing?

For about a year, I think.

Could you describe the apartment?

Sure, we’re living in a two-bedroom apartment. With a big living room.

What made you decide to live in an apartment?

I wanted to find an affordable place, that is both comfortable and close from where I work.

How did you find this apartment?

It was my boss’, he lives in his house and decided he wanted to rent out the apartment because nobody lives there so it would seem like such a waste. Plus, he’s renting it out just because he can, so the rent is not that expensive. When he offered it, I jumped in immediately.

How did you first found your flatmate?

All of them are my co-workers. But one of them I already knew from way back when. We were college buddies as well. So I knew I wanted to rent a place with him, but the other two are just random co-workers who I thought might get along well with us as well. hahaha.

What’s so fun about having them as flatmates?

Because I’m living with three other guys, we developed some kind of a man-cave, where we can have fun all night, play video games, watch TV, or just hanging out all night, laughing and having fun. Just a really chill environment.

What’s the downside?

Actually, what I mentioned earlier is also the downside. There was a point where we were having too much fun every night, we ended up going late for work for a few days straight. Also, apparently I was the only non-smoker in the house, so it gets overwhelming sometimes. I try to avoid the smoke by staying in my room a lot. So eventually we don’t get along as much as we used to, sometimes we don’t even say “hi” to each other anymore. Other than that, living with a bunch of guys means you’ll be dealing with a lot of mess. I’m a guy myself, but it seems that I have the least tolerance for trashes or other kind of mess, so I ended up doing a lot of the cleaning (sweeping, dishes, etc).

What do you think about the flatsharing trend?

I’m sure it’s a big trend abroad. But here in Indonesia, it’s a harder thing to accept because of our culture and our habit. Plus, the fact that it’s not easy sharing a living space. But it can be a great learning experience. It teaches us to be considerate, and to be able to tolerate others, to be professional, and to be able to share things.

What are your thoughts about flatsharing? Would it be something that you’d recommend?

Based on my experience, yes. It would definitely be a great experience especially for those extroverts and outgoing people. Everyday there’s going to be a funny and unexpected thing going on. But one thing’s for sure, you have to share it with the right people.

So what are your thoughts on Serumah.com?

I think it’s a really useful website. Especially with their filters. So it’s very useful to find people with similar preferences. At least they’re sorted out from the earliest stage.



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