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Expat Corner: Things to Remember Before Sharing Apartment

Posted by teamserumah on 2016-11-24
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Jakarta is surely a friendly city to live in. But, don’t get it wrong, sometimes as an expat you may be facing some challenges especially in managing your living expenses. For example, property provider may charge you for higher renting price than they charge the local people. That is why sharing apartment with fellow expats or local friends (if you have any) might be the best options to reduce living expenses. There are four things to remember before you decide to share apartment, here they are:

Quick Online Survey

If you are new to the city, you might have to do a quick online survey about the area you live in. For example, if you live in Sudirman Street area you have to know where the nearest hospitals, nearest schools or nearest night clubs in case you get boring in the night time. This is very important. If you know the area very well, you can sell the good things about the area to get someone shared the apartment with you. Quick online survey about the area will do you the whole-job. You can also know how much you can charge your future housemate for renting a room in your apartment by researching the current rental price at your area.

Knows the Laws in the Area

Sometimes, the laws in every area are different. You might not allowed to do something that you want to do. You might be comfortable for those laws, and you might not. For example, one area is most populated by Muslim people and they couldn’t accept unmarried couple with different gender living under one roof. Unless you give them a proof that you are blood related with your housemate. This unwritten rules might not imply to all areas in Jakarta, some areas, especially the golden-triangle area is open for everyone. Another example is some apartments do not allow to have pets, then if you have pets you might have to try to look for other apartments.

Other example is the traffic policy, in some area in Jakarta you might only use your car in some certain days and hours because traffic jam has been quite an issue in Jakarta. The most important reason why you should know the laws in the area is to avoid problems. Living in the whole new city is not easy. It will be harder if you have to deal with local police, or angry neighbor just because you do not understand the written and unwritten laws that apply.

Knows the Monthly Bills that You Have to Pay

Getting a housemate means you will get a partner. If you rent the apartment first before having a housemate to share with you, you have to list out the things that you should pay every month for example rental cost, electricity, water, internet, TV cable and etc. This is very important in order to decide at what price you will charge your housemate. Do not forget to be very transparent about the bills that you share with your future housemate.

See How the Personalities Match Each Other

This is the most important thing amongst all. Before deciding who will your housemate, it does not matter if they are local people or fellow expats, you might want to do a quick chit-chat with them. Try to dig what kind of person they are. You might not want to live with people you can’t get along with, right? Try to have a light conversation and see how it goes. You rent the place first and you have the right to choose the people who live with you. Unless you are desperately find housemates, then it is all up to you. is a platform for those who are finding housemate or a place to rent in Indonesia. If you happen to have an extra room to be rented out, you can advertise on The best thing about the website is you can describe what kind of housemate you are expecting in. For example, if you are non-smoking person and expect to have a non-smoking housemates you can just describe it. Yes, it is like a dating-site but to find housemates. Give it a try and find your housemate on!

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